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Mary Hallmark |
I love visiting all the beautiful places through your pictures and stories! Mary, I'm glad you're having so much fun--you deserve it!
12 April 2004 - Waco, TX

Carolyn Carroway |
Beautiful!! They let me see places I will probably never be able to visit.. Love Ya
10 April 2004 - Lufkin

Hi! Neat pictures! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
9 April 2004 - Texas

JoAn (Danser) | |
And I want to be 5th, so there. That is a great webpage and so much fun to keep looking at when you update it. All of the scenery is beautiful, even the people scenery! It looks like so much work!
9 April 2004 - Bloomington, Illinois

Hans de Jong | |
All you need now is a counter. I do like your web page, it's very informative and great photos as well.
Have you saved it to a CD?
9 April 2004 - New Zealand

Robin Warren
Nice Guestbook! (I'm 3rd)
8 April 2004 - Temecula

Mary Warren | |
I'm first, TOO!!!
7 April 2004 - Portland, OR

Rocke Warren | |
OK, I just wanted to be first at putting in a message
7 April 2004 - Portland, OR

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