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Ross | |
Guestbooks are fun! Nice work Pop! ;)
4 June 2004 - Is Carmen Sandiego?

Looks good Pop! I'm 17th.
2 June 2004 - Salem, OR

I really like your website!
2 June 2004 - Westwood

Deb and Torsten |
Thank you for allowing us into your world. Your website is great. Your constant friendship over the years helped make it all worth it. See you soon, we hope. We will most likely be moving soon to warmer climes - come visit!
30 May 2004 - PT Cleveland, OH - soon St. Thomas, USVI

JoAnn Burt |
What fun to see the pictures of Easter. Happy memories. You have an amazing web page. I will visit again.
8 May 2004

Angela (Jones) Croucher |
My mom sent me the link to your place. WOW, Michael and Ricky, I still think of you as you were when we were little kids. Do you even remember me. I FEEL OLD, HAHA!
7 May 2004 - Stephenville,TX

Stan & Kitty Bowersock
Hey Guys, Great job we really enjoy exploring your web site and the front page is beautiful,we love how you have it set up.
26 April 2004

Surprise...Looks Great!!!!!!..I'm So Happy For You and Rocke.
24 April 2004

Robin Warren |
Nice looking front page, Pop! Got some handsome looking kids there! :) Say, what time is it anyway?
22 April 2004 - Temecula, CA

Michael Hebert |
I was searching the Web for some hiking info. and stumbled upon your site. Great trail information, Thanks!! Very cool site!!
22 April 2004 - Vancouver, WA

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