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Ben Watts | |
Site was very interesting for me
I wish you and your site everything best!
29 April 2005 - USA

Just wanted to let y'all know I stopped by the website and checked out all the new stuff. Its looking pretty hot.:)
16 February 2005

Linda |
Great website, love all of the photos and links you have set up, enjoyed it, I'll be back to visit again.
Your cousin, Linda
12 January 2005 - Frederick, Md.

Pamela Evans | |
Oh btw, I love your website. I do not know how you have so much time and patience in putting that together year after year. :)
2 December 2004

Pamela Evans (Sylvia's Sister) | |
Hey Slammer, since Sylvia won't get off her tootsie, and get me the Pampered Chef orders, I thought I would ask if you would be so kind as to do a catalog show for me?
2 December 2004 - Miramar, Florida

Paula J Pinegar |
So nice to visit your Website. You did such a great job on the Willamette Valley Relay events. Thank you. I was very happy to meet Mary and Rocke thru doing to Willamette Valley Relay, I was so glad Mary decided to be on the team!!! I look forward to spending more time with both of them!!
2 October 2004 - Clackamas, Oregon

Rod Graves
Cool website. Very interesting Champoeg writeup. Funny how hard it is to get to the closest places of interest.
21 July 2004 - Lebanon, Oregon

Lynn Allison from Curves |
Very impressive web site. Wonderful pictures. Mary, what are you thinking vaccuuming your gutters? Cant wait to see the Relay for life pictures.
13 July 2004 - Tigard, Oregon

Hans | |
Nice to see a pic of you Angel and you look great :)
You rented a Toyota Prius Hybrid for the trip. With the price of gas these days and how did it perform ? Did you have to plug it in a power socket at night ? Like it better then a 'normal' car ?
6 June 2004 - New Zealand

Lovely mountains ... I think I'll head up for a stroll.
4 June 2004 - Westwood

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