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Erin and Charles Banning |
Hi! I stumbled across this website, I had forgotten that you guys had this! It was great seeing the pictures of when you guys visited us in Virginia! Courtney has grown so much! She will be 10 in April. We have a little one, Taylor, she will be 2 the end of this month! Please let us know how everyone is!
2 March 2010 - Raleigh, NC

Hans | | none
I have not heard from you for ages and no reaction to my emails :(
I wonder why ? Anyawy as yet and again wishing you ALL a great 2010
13 January 2010 - NEW ZEALAND

eileen cooper alias arlene dubell | | none
Sharon told me Judy Chaffee told her about your website so I wanted to see what an old neighbor is doing. We are here about 17 miles east of Sioux City, IA. Have been here since Dec. '77. Have 14 grandchildren and one great grandson. Hoping you will write back.
23 August 2009 - Moville, IA

Hans | |
nice to catch up again with the latest news and many pictures . There is never a dull moment for you by the looks of things . Look forward to the next episodes.
2 February 2009 - New Zealand

Aunt Esther |
Hi, Mary and Rocke,
So glad to hear you all had such a special time on your New Year's trip to the ocean. A very nice reward for a year of long hours. Hope you all can enjoy many more of these times in the years ahead. Love and hugs.
6 February 2007 - Summerfield, Florida

Mary Warren | |
OK, I just wanted to be first at putting in a message in the new guestbook. Love the smiley faces
15 October 2006 - Oregon

Sheryl West |
Hey girl, It was so good to see a pic of you and the boys. I would not know them on the street if I had seen them. You look just the same. When I went to Washington and stayed with Sis Baker they took me up into Vancouver, some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Keep in touch.
31 May 2006 - Lufkin, TX

Choya (Ecuadorian daughter & sister) |
This website is great. I love the fact that I can see what you guys are up to. Seems like you are always having fun together. I hope you guys can come to Florida some time.
2 September 2005 - Florida

Deb Lush | |
Mary, this is fantastic! Your family must really enjoy it! Deb
25 July 2005 - Salem, Oregon

Bobbie Lawson
Hi all. Enjoy your website. Keep 'em coming. Love you all. Aunt Bobbie
12 July 2005 - dragracingmama

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