Happy Thanksgiving - 2007

Ross and Heather invited us over to their new home to have Thanksgiving this year. Also, invited were Ryan, Sarah, Zach, Naomi, and Todd and Heather Zak with their two girls, Emily and Jessica..

Everyone coming was bringing a covered dish or two, so that Ross and Heather would not have to do all the cooking and thus make Thanksgiving enjoyable for everyone.

While the turkey was cooking, we all enjoyed visiting and catching up with what has been going on in everyone's lives. Ross and Heather have a WII, so the big boys, when not eating, enjoyed playing tennis or bowling. The rest of us enjoyed watching them play.

When the turkey was done, it was time for everyone to fill their plates and enjoy the food. Everything was delicious and we all filled out plates to the brim. After dinner, it was back to the WII toy to play more games. This time, Heather joined the boys to show them how to "play" tennis. Rocke and I had a great time watching them.

After some intense WII competition, it was time to renew their energy with some of Ross' famous Apple Cobbler . . . that guy sure knows how to make a great tasting Apple Cobbler.

With the day at an end it was time to kiss all the grandkids good-bye and give everyone else a goodnight hug.

Thanks Ross and Heather for such an enjoyable Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time!

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