Thanksgiving - 2002

Michael and Sylvia invited Rocke and I over to their place in The Dalles for Thanksgiving this year, and, of course, we accepted the invitation. The night before Thanksgiving, Rocke and I made four pies to take to dinner. We left early Thanksgiving morning and by the time we got to their place, Sylvia had the turkey in the oven and was busy preparing other things to go with the meal. Rocke and I jumped in and helped out just a little. I fixed my green beans, just the way Michael likes them, and Rocke got to make his "famous" turkey gravy. We had turkey, ham, chicken and dumplings, homemade cornbread stuffing, candied yams, green beans, macaroni and cheese. I guess you are wondering about having "macaroni and cheese" for Thanksgiving. This tradition started in Sylvia's family when she was a little girl. Her family always fixed sweet pea salad to go with Thanksgiving dinner and of course we all know that little kids don't like sweet pea salad (at least this is what Sylvia tells us). The kids rebelled and the tradition of macaroni and cheese came about. OK, the diet starts next week!

Sylvia had to work the next day, so Michael, Rocke and I decided to do a little sight seeing. We went down to see some waterfalls on the Deschutes and White River. Both the Deschutes and White Rivers appear as oases in the dry climate of central Oregon. Scientifically, these are known as exotic streams, because they are fed by the waters of the cooler and moister Cascade Mountains.

Tygh Valley Falls (also known as Whiter River Falls), which is a colossal 3-part waterfall in the desert. Tygh Valley Falls is located within White River Falls State Park. A viewing platform offers an outstanding vista of rivulets of the White River pouring 70 to 80 feet downward off a 150 to 175 foot-wide escarpment. The second of a trio of falls is actually a single 25 to 35 foot plunge. The trailside vantage, however, includes the upper falls, revealing a dramatic tiered combination. The last of the falls in While River State Park tumbles 25 to 35 feet into a large amphitheater.

After seeing the Tygh Valley Falls we drove down to see Serars Falls. The Deschutes River roars 15 to 20 feet in a sagebrush setting. The waterfall is owned by the Warm Springs Tribe.

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